The Twirl

I feel it’s also a little to easy to fall into one’s usually safety nets when working on assignments. On this piece, in order to push myself, I laid out a few ground rules before I started thumbnailing; no mater what the conceptual direction, my illustration would include at least three people and a complex background.

body language illustration

And so it is, with at least three people and a background, this concept for this piece is based on the word ‘Twirl’. The theme for this piece is grounded in the hair twirl. The underlying idea for this piece based on body language – the flitting hair twirl and neck exposure, the ‘social mirroring’ going on between the couple at the bar, and the other couple who are obviously disinterested in each other.

I’ve put together some working images from the development process of this piece. Read on for a step-by-step overview of this illustration.

My sketch for this started off really rough while I worked out the composition.

rough sketch of illustration

From there I cleaned things up a bit before blocking in some color.

rough sketch of illustration
rough sketch of illustration

Then the next step is to destroy everything and paint over, then paint over again and again until many hours later, voila! except for some details to make it pop, it’s finished.

rough sketch of illustration

As always, I’m just trying to experiment and to learn something new. Comments and feedback are always welcome.

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