The Sinking of Ys

This is a progress shot of a piece I’m working on for illustration Friday.  As I’ve said before, I like to use Illustration as a push to try something outside of my comfort zone. This piece is in a completely different style than anything I’ve done before.  It’s not quite finished yet though but it’s almost Friday so I thought I’d post what I’ve got so far and finish it up at leisure over the weekend.

illustration friday - music

So what’s it all about. This is a portrait/mock cover of Joanna Newsom’s album Ys. Joanna Newsom, for those that don’t know is an indie folk harp player. Her songs are crest from beautifully innocent to mournfully sad and back again. ‘Ys’, the title of her most recent album, is the name of a mythical city, said have been inbetween England and France before it one day sank into the sea.

Anyhow, as I said there’s still many more layers of paint to go, this is really just under-painting right now, but I did it for Illustration Friday and so I though I should post it before Friday passes.

Here’s the finished piece from last week. It’s my expression of Joanna Newsom’s album Ys. I’m trying to bring some of what I’m doing in my abstract painting class into my illustrations.

sinking of ys painting
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