I found a two for one motivation to create something today. I’ve been really busy with the paperwork side of things ever since I got back from the holidays and felt like I needed a creative break this afternoon so I turned to illustration Friday for an excuse for a little sketchbook drawing. This week’s topic was ‘prepare’. I racked my brain on it for awhile until I thought up my two-for-one concept of pairing it with a flickr ‘what I wore today‘ post.

what I wore today

It’s cold out now and this is what I have to put on to prepare for the winter outside. From the toe up: Black Sorel boots, black Naked and Famous jeans, black Kennith Cole jacket, black Banana Republic fingerless hobo gloves, black wool scarf from UniQlo, a black wool tuque that was a freebie from the last place I worked, a black leather messenger bag for my laptop and sketchbook, and finally, my black AKG headphones to keep my ears warm.

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