Positively Capable

positively capable illustration

The theme word of the week is ‘Capable’. In an personally uncharacteristic turn towards the optimistic, my interpretation of the topic, and the concept behind this painting, is that the secret behind being capable of anything is to think positively. On the technical side of this positively positive illustration, I’ve tried a new way of laying down paint and I’m pretty happy with the results. Though the composition of this illustration is very designed and graphic, I’m trying out the same technique right now on another piece which has a much more elaborate composition and background to see if it will work there too. That painting isn’t far enough along yet to know how it will turn out, but I will have the finished work up later this week and you’ll be ale to decide for yourselves.

Update Here’s the other illustration I’ve done for this topic, same color pallet, but aside from that, a pretty different approach. Feel free to leave in comments as to which version you prefer and why. Thanks.

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