sales contraption - detail1
sales contraption - detail2
sales contraption - detail3

Another week, another illustration Friday creation. This week the topic was ‘Contraption’, the angle I took was a sales contraption, to turn it into an editorial illustration sample I slanted it with the concept of ‘Over-Hype’. I don’t know if that’s an actual problem in the advertising field, but it seemed like the type of subject I’ve been given in the past.

So, the piece, I like to use illustration Friday as an outlet for stylistic experimentation and as such I welcome any feedback. This week I decided to do the piece entirely on the computer, from concepts, to roughs, to linear, to final. I’m trying to faze any actual drawing and painting out of my illustration practice. I’d like to compartmentalize my life and keep the physical media to my artistic practice. That being said, I feel this one looks too ‘computer’, or maybe it’s just too hard-edged and cartoon, either way I’ll have to work on the texture thing.


illustration rough

I started off really rough, I realized quickly that the bike was to technical to sketch quickly freehand and that I would be better off loosely working out the comp and then doing the bike construction in illustrator where I can more easily reuse parts. That being said, It also meant that I’d have to work out the figure in illustrator as well since his pose would be so dependent on the bike construction.

From there, I traced It, drew it, figured it out, made it up, and then brought it into photoshop to add a little texture.

That’s pretty much the whole process: rough sketch –> hours at the desk –> finished illustration.