63 People and a Dog Who Are More Popular Than Me

Social media sounds like a lot of fun, everybody’s ‘getting connected’. What’s it like when you don’t have any cyber friends? The word ‘popularity’ makes me think about both those in the cyber world who are, and those who aren’t. It also makes me wonder if all this social connectivity is really all that fun. Here is a painting about the internet, the web of social media connections, and of 63 People and a dog who are more popular than me.

63 popular people illustration

Here’s a couple closeup details of some of the more popular people:

63 popular people detail

And here’s the sketchbook drawing of me, a dog, and 62 other people (secret: one of the people in the final is a digital duplicate flip).

63 popular people


I’ve also made an infini-pattern version of it:

popular people pattern

On a personal note, I’m trying to become more popular (ie. not spend all my time doing drawings on the computer and spend a little more time being ‘virtually’ social). I’m trying to respond to emails in a more timely manner, and to even use Facebook and Twitter on occasion. If you wanna help me be more popular follow me on either of those social platforms, I’ve included handy boxes below to make it easier.

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