jeff szuc


Illustrator and Front-end Designer/Developer at 4thFloor Studio


Everything you need to know about Jeff Szuc

Life is a cycle of being curious, learning new things, and discovering new things to be curious about.

I am a Designer and Digital Creative. I spend most of my time worrying about UX and making amazing online toys as a Web Designer for Cornell University, and at my own shop, 4thFloor Studio.

I’m a collaborator, a lateral thinker, and a problem solver. I’m passionate about useable interfaces, about the little things – from load times to micro-text, and about best practices for accessibility. I’m a constant learner, always staying aware of new tools, practices, and trends. I’m a constant learner, staying aware of new tools, practices, trends, and slowly working on a CS degree.

I can be found on LinkedIn and on twitter.

While at my site, I recommend a visit to the portfolio section on the home page see my featured works as well as to my blog to see what I’ve been up to recently (I update that once every few years or so). Under the ‘Other’ tab you’ll find my children’s books and art shows.

Looking for more? I also eat at all the restaurants in Ithaca, NY: I eat Ithaca

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with questions or about projects.

Published Illustration Clients include:

Cornell Baker Institute for Canine Health • Ithaca College • Vanderbilt University • Sony Music Canada • Annick Press • Kids Can Press • Cossette Advertising Group • Canadian Lawyer Magazine • InsideCouncil Magazine • Canadian Family Magazine • DC Books • Digital Journal Magazine • Exclaim! Magazine • Texas Monthly • United Air • Milwaukee Magazine • Forbes • How Magazine

Web Publications

Published Web Projects include: